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Overview of Aurelius Conferences

Aurelius corporate solutions have a pride in being an independent international events and business service provider for over a decade. We at Aurelius have an astounding number of academic & corporate client base of up to 1000 plus corporate customers worldwide most of them being fortune 500 companies & MNC’s. We have a presence extensively across continents namely Europe, Asia & South America where we provide high end Insourcing solutions & services like global master classes, international conferences, trade shows, training classes & business solutions in around more than 30 countries. Our main objective is to provide robust knowledge and knowhow of technology & research between academic worlds, scientific practices, pharmaceutical industry, IT & business industries and so on.
Aurelius corporate solutions work on the field of Insourcing consultancy solutions. We have enabled more than 75K professionals across the globe. Also all major Aurelius conferences …

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